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"How would you like to INVEST in YOURSELF, while your PROGRAM GROWS in VALUE?"

Level Up Your Business CLUB is an Online Learning + Coaching Program

This program comes with Structured Video Learning paired with bi-monthly Coaching Sessions to amplify your Learning and Execution.

You will receive:

(1) Exclusive Access to The Spark Group Asia’s Masterclass Videos

It is an online course of a decade’s worth of strategies and tactics that have 10x businesses that The Spark Group Asia has worked with, at your fingertips. Your first Masterclass is waiting for you, The Profit Model Masterclass.

(2) Ever New & Fresh Topics & Modules

As Active Club Members, you will receive notifications to enroll and receive new video modules.

(3) Bi-monthly Coaching Sessions

At a low fee, you get to access World Class team of Leadership & Business Coaches on business growth strategies and tactics. Coaching sessions are twice monthly, 1.5 – 2 hours, in designed groups. Groups are kept to an optimal size to enable powerful engagement among club members.

(4) Invitation to The Spark Group Asia Events as VIP Guests

Every 3 months, The Spark Group Asia invites special VIP mentors & coaches to share on specific leadership & business growth topics.

This Level Up Your Business CLUB Program will cover:

(1) Revenue Generation: Sales & lead generation strategies, business & revenue model

(2) Communication & Branding: Awareness & education creation for businesses

(3) Online & Digital Market Strategies: Social media marketing, content marketing, eCommerce strategies

(4) Profit & Cost Management: Managing cost items, understanding broad areas of financial management

(5) Systems & Process Building: Building standards and processes for consistency of delivery and stability in Business Operations

(6) Team Development & Building: Enabling people within the team, through training, coaching, HR (human resource) systems

(7) Leadership & Personal Growth: Discovering your leadership intelligence and generating greater leadership potential in yourself and others



When you start your business, you invest capital in equipment or furniture. Who invests in you? YOU do. The Level Up Your Business CLUB ensures a minimum of 10% Return on Investment (ROI) in your business investment, in yourself.


We bring affordable coaching programs to Micro & SME businesses who need support in generating results practically


Belong to a Community of Leaders & Entrepreneurs “in-the-same-boat”, who can share your success, pains and struggles in business


Work with not one, but a team of leadership & business coaches in these empowering Group Coaching Sessions

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"Your Program Grows in Value Raising Your Return On Investment. The More you Learn, The More Your Earn!"

"Eye opening experience, got a perspective into my leadership and management style. Looking forward to continuing the journey of self-improvement. Thank you!"

- Yegappan, General Manager

"I learn to have proper tools and know-how techniques to groom and have a succession plan for my team. Love to have more of such program as the sessions are never boring."

- Grace, Accounts Manager

"…… program really relates to the real life. Steps shared are very practical and can be applied immediately in the workplace."

- Izlina, Managing Director

Your Instructor

The Spark Group
The Spark Group

The Spark Group Asia is the leading authority for building leadership & building intelligence in Asia for Leaders & Entrepreneurs.

Our vision is to Develop Self, Leadership, and Business Intelligence to Enable Better Quality Lives and Businesses.

At The Spark Group (Asia), we believe in helping leaders, business owners, and entrepreneurs to find the balance they need for a sustainable life in business while working with a business community that has the same DRIVE, intensity in DREAMS, and CLARITY in their visions which allows them to quickly assimilate into GROWTH “gear”.

We are dedicated to help leaders, business owners, and entrepreneurs bringing more meaning into their company culture, strengthening their brand and customer experience, and helping them to reduce the hats they wear in their business for greater freedom and profitability. We accelerate businesses to greater heights and deliver results through leadership and business coaching.

Course Curriculum

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Terms & Conditions

  1. Business Club renewal every 12 months. RM267 monthly. Monthly payment via Paypal.
  2. Coaching sessions are pre-designed and dates will be provided upon signing up, and require your commitment to adjust to group’s schedule.
  3. The Club incentivizes members that participate in coaching sessions, and engages in video learning.
  4. There will be no carrying forward of sessions that are missed, however you are able to receive a video recording of the session missed, only by request.
  5. The Spark Group Asia reserves the right to remove members who breaks the Community Rules.

Community Rules

  1. Community Rules: There are NO links, promos, videos, or watermarked images allowed outside the official threads. No comment ladders, livestream videos/watch parties, and polls. NO AFFILIATE LINKS IN THIS LEVEL UP YOUR BUSINESS CLUB PLEASE.
  2. Ask For Permission: In an effort to reduce people sniping, fishing for clients, or generating leads from group members, unsolicited PM's are grounds for removal. If you'd like to PM someone, you MUST ask permission first.
  3. We Serve Others: Help and serve without an ulterior motive (amazing things will happen). Commenting "PM me / DM me" on any post are not allowed or else you will get muted.
  4. Keep It Positive!: We keep it positive in here! Show up each day with an attitude to serve and help others, while encouraging those still learning. We're all in this together to create a welcoming environment.
  5. Zero Bully Zone: Make sure everyone feels safe. Bullying of any kind isn't allowed, and degrading comments about things like race, religion, culture, sexual orientation, gender or identity will not be tolerated.
  6. Respecting Others’ Privacy: Being part of this Level Up Your Business CLUB requires trust. Authentic & expressive discussions makes a Business Club great, but may also be sensitive and private. Screenshots of post shared outside of the Level Up Your Business CLUB is not allowed.
  7. Language: The language of R and X rated movies will not be tolerated. We have a very large and diverse community, be pleasant.
  8. No Selling Businesses/Social Accounts/Event Ticket: There is no selling allowed of any business kind. Example: Pages, Businesses, Partnerships, etc. Local meetups are allowed at your own risk but selling tickets to events/conference/meetups are not allowed.
  9. Refrain From Using Divisive & Spammy Topics: Please respect other members of the Level Up Your Business CLUB and stick to this Business Club intention and purpose topics. Example: Politics, Religion, etc. Refrain from posting spam.
  10. The Moderator Team Is Here To Help!: Our goal is to ensure this Level Up Your Business CLUB community is healthy and thriving. Please do not block any Business Club moderators so they are able to interact with all members.

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