Leading in the New Norm

Resilient Leadership Online Course

Resilient Leadership Online Course:

Leading in the New Norm

How to Lead the New Norm?

Most of us are well accustomed to the lock-down and are getting used to working-from-home, while some leaders still struggle to getting the right momentum.

The sudden change was unbelievable quick and many of us were forced to adapt.

On this lock-down, we see people struggle, while we see others make the best of the FORCED digitization and innovation.

What may not be clear to MOST leaders & entrepreneurs yet, would be what comes POST Covid19, and that the bigger battle actually lies ahead.

After this lock-down, many things will not be the same anymore, for instance businesses are not realizing expensive office space might not be all that necessary now. Amongst many, we are also realizing that we (businesses) better go digital or, lack of a better word... DIE.

Are leaders ready to lead this wave of Resilience or is it Survival?

  • Are you ready with the resilience? Is your team resilient?
  • What about your business model? What must businesses adopt to weather these changes?
  • What does the New Norm mean for my business? Where do I go from here?
  • How do I lead the changes ahead, when so much seems uncertain?

There is no better time than now to learn these skills, and prepare both intellectually and mentally ourselves, our teams and our businesses for what will come.

The future is UNCERTAIN, but as they say, there are more problems being Under-Prepared, than OVER-Prepared.

We bring to you leaders, entrepreneurs & coaches who have led their businesses and others through many crises.

This is your chance to take this opportunity to learn from our invited speakers from 7 different countries, so that you can take action now to face the future stronger.

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"Event was fulfilling and fun. Lots of key takeaways and enjoyed every bit. A lot of information cramped into two days but the amount of breaks in between was quite good. Thanks for the amazing event."

- Vernon and Jinn

"Thank you for having this platform that allowed many of us who facing our fear in changes during pandemic to be able to see some gleam of light, some path & guidance to be resilient. The worst time & the best time to forced out from our comfort zone to answer our dream."

- Stephy Yap

"Incredible value - in terms of time, energy, content & heart space. More effective & engaging than most physical conferences I have attended. Thank you for all who dreamed it up, pulled it together & rolled it out so smoothly for all of us. Wish you all more successes."

- Malar Ramalingam

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“Many global analysts & researchers already expect a global financial recession, one with a magnitude worse than the Global Financial Crisis in 2008.” ~ NY Times

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